Air Your Linen

Air Your Linen

Help us make the biggest linen tablecloth in NI by 2020

Do you have any 100% LINEN TABLECLOTHS OR NAPKINS at home which are seldom used?

Yes?       Then here’s what you can do.


Bring the linen along to one of our AIR YOUR LINEN sessions and have it appraised by our linen expert Fiona McKelvie ( on either:

Friday 14th September from 2-4pm at R-Space gallery, 32 Castle Street, Lisburn


Sunday 16th September from 2-4pm at Linenopolis Story and Store, 16-22 Bedford Street, Belfast


Alternatively, you can…

Drop & Donate your linen tablecloths/napkins to the Linen Biennale at R-Space gallery in Lisburn.

Any donated linen pieces will then be stitched together to form the largest ever tablecloth in Northern Ireland and be exhibited on bleaching greens throughout the future Linen Biennales.

Call in at R-Space Gallery with your bagged donations clearly marked with Donated Linen plus your name and contact information (optional). Telephone 028 9266 3179   Open: Tues – Sat 11am-5pm during exhibitions

Please note all the donated linen is non-returnable and will be treated as a contribution to R-Space gallery, Charity no. 106350. Only items that are 100% linen will be accepted, no linen blend, small household pieces or linen bedding please. R-Space reserve the right to donate any unusable items to other charities.

Header image courtesy of McBurney and Black

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