Belfast from the Holywood Hills


Available to view in PRONI from 09/08/2018



PRONI, 2 Titanic Boulevard, Titanic Quarter, Belfast, BT3 9HQ



Cecilia Stephens is a weaver, painter and printmaker.

This work was produced with the assistance of Textiel lab, Tilburg, Netherlands, using their state of the art equipment. Designed by transferring a digital image to the computerised control system, and then working through the colour and textural choices that such a system allows, arriving at a finished design and piece.

There are eight colours employed in the weft which were then multiplied up to approximately forty by careful rearranging of the proportion of each that is on the surface at any particular point of the design.

There are names of a few of the many weavers employed by the linen industry in the 1930s woven into the design. This information was gleaned from records in the Public Records Office NI.

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