Conference Call

Lagan Valley Island
3rd and 4th 
October 2018

The Biennale Conference aims to expand new thinking associated with Ireland’s oldest textile. The conference reaches out to stimulate collaboration between industry, trade bodies and academia with a focus on the fields of technology, design and research that will inform the creative industries and the wider economy.

Through engagement with local and international practitioners and audiences, the overall conference programme aims to foster fresh approaches to an ancient and truly European fibre, that represents an environmentally friendly material, with an authentic local story.

The conference provides opportunities for industry, academia, research professionals and students to share their recent research on the key themes:

Recall:     To celebrate linen and flax fibre heritage through design that emphasises the longevity, durability and timeless quality of linen.

Rethink:   To increase awareness, of the importance of textiles within our everyday lives and of the particular attributes of linen and flax fibre for a range of artefacts and design-led product innovations.

Reform:   To communicate the value of textiles, eroded through globalisation, through the recognition of linen/flax fibre as a relatively sustainable material. And to emphasise the ethos of a ‘slower’ more responsible approach to the development of value-added product to include new flax fibre applications such as composite materials.

A number of abstracts will be selected for Oral or Poster presentations within the conference. Titles for proposed papers, with a 200 word abstract, should be submitted no later than 30 December 2017.

Submit extract via email to: Email Linen Biennale Team


Abstract submission – 30 December 2017

Abstract acceptance sent to authors – 31st January 2018

Full paper submission – 30 June 2018

One of the keynote speakers will be:

Christien Meindertsma

Dutch artist and designer, who explores the life of products and raw materials. In doing so she aims to regain understanding of processes that have become waned due to industrialisation. Her work has been exhibited in MOMA (New York), The V&A (London) and the Cooper Hewitt Design museum (New York). She has been artist in residence at Textielmuseum Tilburg.