Folksongs writing and singing workshop


Details coming soon



Details coming soon



Dónal Kearney is a singer, educator, and community artist based in Ireland.

To celebrate the 2018 Linen Biennale, Dónal will curate storytelling workshops and interviews as a way of empowering local people to talk about their connections to the linen industry (VOCALiSM). Dónal will also conduct song-collecting sessions in local schools, which will involve a songwriting process whereby each class composes an original piece of music to celebrate the Linen Biennale (VOCALiSM).

TRÚ, comprising local musicians Zach Trouton, Michael Mormecha and Dónal Kearney, will host an evening of music and word to celebrate the linen songs of Ulster. TRÚ will perform local folksongs and create a soundscape to accompany spoken-word performances and other musical collaborations, inviting participants in the VOCALiSM workshops to perform their work.

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