06/09/2018 – 24/09/2018



Belfast Print Workshop, 2 Cotton Court, 30 – 42 Waring Street, Belfast, BT1 2ED



Three women artists/printmakers Raquel Amat Parra, Anushiya Sundaralingam and Majella Clancy come from Spain, Sri Lanka and Ireland.

This exhibition explores and rethinks ideas around linen, its historical significance in Northern Ireland as well as its links to wealth, purity and hierarchical status. We are interested in linen as a material that is worn, folded, dyed, woven, cut up and reused and explore ideas of rethinking and reimaging as process.

Ideas of flax and linen thread as line are explored as well as the domestic connotations of linen usage. In particular, we are interested in the way in which ideas from the linen industry and printmaking can work together to reflect the intricate nature of the material and its far-reaching influences.

The raw materials associated with linen are important and the way in which they can become transformed through printmaking processes. The exhibition comprises several components including (linen) paper, fabric, linen, as well as techniques such as screenprinting, monoprinting, drypoint and lithography.

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