Launch 2018

We are ​delighted to be launching the Linen Biennale programme ​in Lisburn on Thursday 21st June​ 2018​. ​Full details of all ​the varied ​events ​and workshops will ​be available to view on the website on our launch date​. The Linen Biennale events will take place during August – September – October 2018.

Packed with talks, tours, performances, events, exhibitions and much more, we are very proud of the varied, creative and enlightening festival​, so please sign up to stay in touch via our regular newsletter. Sign up form is at the foot of this page.


Conference – 10% Earlybird discount live

Save the date – the Linen Biennale Conference runs over the 3rd and 4th October 2018 and we are delighted to be able to offer a generous 10% discount on ticket prices until 30th June. You can avail of this by using the discount code EARLYBIRDLB18

With ​international ​speakers and delegates, this conference represents an ​unique opportunity to experience the world of linen on your doorstep. Whether your interest is in the history and heritage of the textile, its contemporary applications in design, fashion and visual art, or its high-tech future within eco-friendly ​composite ​manufacturing​. ​Booking early is advised.