Opening of ‘Lucienne Day: Living Design’ in Dublin Castle

Linen Biennale Co-Director Anthea McWilliams and Professor Jane McCann visited the opening of ‘Lucienne Day: Living Design’ in Dublin Castle on the 19th July 2018.  This exhibition celebrates the life and work of one of most influential designers of the post-war generation, Lucienne Day.

Lucienne Day: Living Design tells the story of Lucienne’s design career, unfolding in a sequence of photographs drawn from the archives of The Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation. Lucienne Day, and her husband Robin Day, had a number of connections in Northern Ireland including relationships with Mourne Textiles and Ulster Weavers. During the Linen Biennale this exhibition will be at the F.E. McWilliam Gallery and further explore those connections.

The Gallery’s location in Banbridge, historically associated with the linen trade and home of Fergusons’ Irish Linen, will connect with both the historic and contemporary elements of the Biennale.

Don’t miss it when it comes to the in September:

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