Our Linen Stories


03/10/18 – 19/10/18



Lisburn City Centre



Leith, Selkirk, Amsterdam, Kirkcaldy, Lisburn, Newtonmore Engaging Contemporary Designs, a new Design Commission, tales from a rich heritage of trade routes and industrial endeavour, talent and innovation on tour through Scotland, Ireland and The Low Countries: welcome to ‘Our Linen Stories’ touring exhibition and events.

We are delighted to exhibit in Lisburn as part of the inaugural Linen Biennale, to develop a programme with local schools and to offer insights unique to this tour stop relating to markets and the marketing of linen and flax, then and now.

Throughout our tour we are seeking Your linen Stories and would love to hear from you ahead of our stop in Lisburn. So many of us have a link to linen, from time in the industry to current design and manufacture with linen and flax composites.

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