Meet the team


Anthea McWilliams ​and ​Robert Martin  
Co-Curatorial Directors, R-Space Gallery
Anthea has been a freelance arts and culture professional since 1988, including her contemporary dance practice and work within R-Space.

Robert spent 13 years as Visual Arts Officer for Arts Council England. He heads up the Gallery’s creative programming, which is primarily funded by Arts Council Northern Ireland and produces ​a blend of exhibitions and community events ​across the year.

Robert and Anthea established R-Space Gallery CIC in 2011. The Gallery’s opening exhibition was The Art and Science of Linen with Anna Dumitriu, which planted the first seed of what would blossom into the Linen Biennale.

Inspired by The British Ceramics Biennial (founded and run by former colleagues of Robert) and further encouraged by the success of their 2015 collaboration with Professor Jane McCann, the Linen Biennale is a celebration of the Recall ​(past) , Rethink (present )​and Reform (future)​ of linen.