Practiced Hands


Performances 04/10/2018 and 05/10/2018

6:30pm – 8:30pm



Drying Room in Conway Mill, Belfast BT13 2DE



For the Linen Biennale, members of Pollen Studio will hold two evening events of archival film and performance.

Alongside the screening of scenes from the local linen industry and the significance it had upon working women, artists Jayne Cherry and Alice Clark make live performance re-evaluating the significance of linen and the ways it can be repurposed for today.

The cloth has an illustrious past but how do we imagine a future for the cloth in a consumer society which disregards waste. These events are in partnership with Film Hub NI and showcase footage from the Northern Ireland Screen Digital Film Archive. It is funded by BFI Film Audience Network supported by The National Lottery.


Image: Northern Ireland Screen Digital Film Archive as part of BFI Unlocking Film Heritage

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