The Linen Opera


Details coming soon



Details coming soon



R-Space is delighted to commission this, their first opera, for the first Linen Biennale 2018*

A new chamber opera celebrating the beauty and bounty of flax together with the mythologies that surround it, a special tale will be woven captivating all who gather round the Spindle.

As their starting point, Composer Seán Doherty and Librettist Peter Morgan Barnes are taking Giambattista Basile’s 17th-century story of Sleeping Beauty to tell a post-apocalyptic tale about what happens to Talia’s world during the hundred years she is asleep.

Flax has been proscribed by the government and the state’s security services make every effort to prevent her being pricked by a shard of the stalk. They fail…a row develops… all is asleep, all becomes derelict, …scanvengers move in and the sleeping bodies become objects for the waking survivors. Many uncomfortable moments.

“Our bodies are our own.”

Involving NI Opera singers and community performers and supported by Arts Council Northern Ireland & Lisburn &  Castlereagh City Council.


*This is a preliminary work for a much larger production to be staged in 2020.



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